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martes, 30 de junio de 2015


Most of us know that the best way is to learn English naturally. That’s why we always try to let English involve all aspects of the school life.  Here a brief summary of all this year in the earliest stages of learning.

This course pupils from 3 to 5 years old were working the four seasons with a wonderful story called “The tiny seed”, written by Eric Carle, which is about the four seasons and the life cycle of all plants, as one tiny seed grows into an enormous sunflower, which then produces more seeds in its turn. To put into practice what they had learnt they planted some seeds in small pots and watched them grow every day.  
 Besides, we also have seen the Life Cycle of a Butterfly. A student brought to the school real caterpillars that after ate green leaves and slept for three days, turned into butterflies and laid eggs on the leaves.

 As well, this year all the school had a common purpose: The Meteorology Project. Every day, after the morning greetings, pupils talked about the weather as a part of their daily routine in the classroom.
They also study how to read and write properly in English, learning the different letter sounds with the Phonics methodology. It was amazing!

Pupils celebrated the Memorial Days and Festivals in English too. For the International Day of Non-Violence and Peace they made a wall display and beautiful peace doves with the shape of their little hands, to show everyone how much they care about peace and another values such as tolerance, respect, love and friendship.
They also celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, making paper hearts with special messages written on them…
 … and Halloween, listening to spooky stories and playing games in the library.
They loved to get dressed too. With role-play activities they could act out real life situations (e.g. a robbery) or give meaning to a new song (e.g. animals song).
They loved listening to stories too. During all the year, we have read many books that allowed us to travel to many different worlds and learn a lot of words and expressions.

Pupils got a lot of fun learning English this year and that’s really important, because…